Trump’s promise of American jobs broken.

Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, and Local 455 Business Manager Tony Poole discuss the future of using ground source heating and cooling.

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Let’s Vote the Nitwits in Washington Out!

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Democrats Endorse Nuclear Energy In Platform and Geothermal.

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Proudly representing the workforce for steamfitting/pipefitting and HVAC-related industries in and around the Twin Cities since 1904.

From welding pipes in an oil refinery to installing steam systems beneath a city street, we are the men and women who keep critical systems intact. Our work is rarely in the public eye, but the pride of a job well done is always on our face.

By trade, we are steamfitters/pipefitters and HVAC service technicians. We are a brotherhood and a sisterhood. We are trained to be the best.

We are Local 455.

1904 – 2020    Celebrating 116 Years