Is Marathon Seeking a License to Kill in St. Paul Park?

By Corporate Transparency | Posted Feb 14 2021

What is really behind the lockout of nearly 200 Marathon refinery employees in St. Paul Park? Marathon appears to be seeking a backdoor to avoid accountability for industrial accidents, pollution and damage to the environment.

One of the main points of dispute in the lockout centers around Marathon’s ability to sub-contract jobs previously done by permanent well-trained employees. Generally, disputes over sub-contracting break down simply as job protection vs. money. In other words, the Union wants to keep their jobs and the company wants to save money by hiring cheaper less skilled labor. In St. Paul Park, however, Marathon’s motivation may be far more sinister.

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Why the Marathon Refinery Strike Should Matter to Every Minnesotan

By Corporate Transparency | Posted Jan 24 2021

Two Words: Hydrofluoric Acid

It’s the most dangerous chemical you may never have heard of and its at the center of a massive strike at the Marathon Oil refinery in St. Paul Park MN: Hydrofluoric Acid.

Why does Hydrofluoric Acid matter? It’s highly toxic, it vaporizes in the air, it has the potential to be lethal miles away and its right in our backyard at the St. Paul Park refinery.


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Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, and Local 455 Business Manager Tony Poole discuss the future of using ground source heating and cooling.

St. Paul explores powering Como Zoo with geothermal energy

It would help the city reach a carbon neutrality goal.
By Emma Nelson Star Tribune |. November 23, 2020

St. Paul is preparing to replace a decades-old steam boiler system at Como Zoo and Conservatory with geothermal energy, as the capital city moves toward a goal of carbon neutrality in municipal buildings within the next decade.

The geothermal system, which will use groundwater to heat and cool buildings, is expected to reduce the zoo’s carbon emissions by at least half. The city is partnering with Xcel Energy and a local geothermal energy company to study which aquifers to use, where to begin retrofitting and how much it will all cost.

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