Brought about the opportunity of a lifetime for many of us in Local 455–the Alaska Pipe Line started construction. Just about everyone in the Local wanted to go to Alaska. It was nonstop money for four years. During that four-year period, Local 455 had 135 pipefitters working on on that project. It was a big break for our members to get ahead financially.

Local 455 started a down hand procedure welding course on Saturdays to help the members improve their skills so they could pass the hire on welding tests.

With the construction of the Sherco Power Plant site and the Alaska Pipe Line underway, other members of Local 455 now had the opportunity to work on projects in town.

By the end of the 1970s, membership had risen to 831 members. The dues were $32.00 a month. The total package in wages for the pipefitters was $14.42 per hour.


1904 – 2021    Celebrating 117 Years